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hridya is a Sanskrit term for the heart. It should be noted that in general, references to the heart in Indian Esoteric literature are not used in an anatomical sense, but rather denote assoications such as the ‘middle’ or ‘centre’ (even ‘bowels’) and also, emotions which are considered to be seated in the ‘heart’.

That god, the All-Worker, the Great Soul ever seated in the Heart of Creatures, is framed by the Heart, by the thought, by the mind. They who know that become immortal.
Svetassvatara Upanishad

There are one hundred and one channels of the Heart. One of these passes up to the crown of the head. Going up by it, one goes to immortality. The others are for departing in various directions. A person of the measure of the thumb is the inner soul ever seated in the heart of creatures.
Katha Upanishad