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Ganesa Yantra Installation

Ganesa Yantra installation

1. Bindu

Ganesha Yantra - bindu

Sri Mahaganapati
Meditation can be found here

2. Upper Triangle

Ganesha Yantra - upper triangle

Three of the Tantric forms of Ganesha:

3. Lower Triangle

Ganesha Yantra - lower triangle

Three aspects of Vinayaki – the female form of Ganesh:

4. Eight Petals

Ganesha Yantra - 8 petals

Eight forms of Ganesa (from the Mudgala Purana)

Vakratunda – the one with the twisted trunk
Vakratunda defeated the demon Matsyasura (envy, jealousy). His vahana is a lion.

Ekadanta – the single-tusked one
Ekadanta defeated the demon Madasura (pride, conceit). His vahana is a mouse.

Mahodara – the one with a big belly
Mahodara defeated the demon Mohasura (Delusion/Confusion). His vahana is a mouse.

Gajanana – the one with an elephant’s face
Gajanana defeated the demon Lobhasura (Greed)

Lambodara – the potbellied one
Lambodara defeated the demon Krodhasura (anger). His vahana is the mouse.

Vitaka – the mis-shapen one
Vitaka defeated the demon Kamasura (lust). His vahana is a peacock.

Vighnaraja – the remover of obstacles
Vighnaraja defeated the demon Mamasura (attachment) – his vahana is the shesh naga – a Naga king who supports the world on his head.

Dhumravarna – the smoke-coloured one
Dhumravarna defeated the demon Ahamkasura (Egoism). His vahana is the mouse.

The four gates

Ganesha Yantra 4 Gates

The guardians of the four gates are four forms of Ganapati from the Ganesh Purana

Mahotkata Vinayaka – the strong one, born from the goddess without a husband
10-armed, with an Elephant as his vahana, born to Kasyapa & Aditi in the Kratayuga
Slayer of the demons Devantak and Narantak.

Mayuresvara – lord of the peacock
six-armed, with a peacock as his vahana, born to Siva and Parvati in the Tretayuga
Slayer of the demon Sindhu

Ganesha – lord of the Ganas
six-armed, born to Siva and Parvati, with mouse (or rat) as his vahana, in the Dvaparayuga
Slayer of the demon Sindurasara and expounder of the Ganeshgita

Dhumraketu – fiery one
Ash-grey in colour, with two arms, riding a blue horse, in the Kali Yuga. The slayer of enemies.