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Pathways in Modern Western Magic

Concrescent Press have just released a new anthology – Pathways in Modern Western Magic, edited by Nevill Drury – to which I have contributed a short essay – The Magic Wonderland of the Senses: Reflections on a Hybridised Tantra Practice. Developed partially from my explorations on enfolding, its an attempt to examine how particular themes within my approach to tantra emerge in practice, via discussion of a “basic” puja practice – the worship of the “Arrow-Shaktis”.

Pathways in Modern Western MagicOther contributors include: Nevill Drury (Magical Practices in the Golden Dawn, Thelemic Sex Magick of Aleister Crowley, Two Chthonic Magical Artists: Austin Osman Spare & Rosaleen Norton); Amy Hale (The Magical Life of Ithell Colquhoun); Lynne Hume (An Emic Approach to Magical Practice); Dominique Beth Wilson (Material Expressions of the Sacred in Contemporary Paganisms); Nikki Bado (Encountering the Triple Goddess in Wicca); Marguerite Johnson (Dark Aspects of the Goddess); Andrei Znamenski (Neo-Shamanism in the United States); Robert J Wallis (Neo-Shamanisms in Europe); Jenny Blain (Seiðr Oracles); Thomas Karlsson (The Draconian Tradition); James R. Lewis (Claiming Hellish Hegemony); Don Webb (Modern Black Magic); Dave Evans (Chaos Magics in Britain) and Libuše Martínková (Technoshamans and Cybershamans).