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  1. Goetia: a liberal humanist perspective?

    Over on Liminal Nation there’s an interesting discussion in progress on the subject of invocation and evocation, and various folk have opined that all this commanding and bullying of goetic spirits (threatening them with god-names and so forth) is kind of old hat nowadays, and that a bit of respect towards these much-maligned entities might work wonders. Continue reading »

  2. “Knowledge trembling in secret”

    Sometimes a phrase just jumps out at me, leaping off the page/screen, out of the conversation and hangs there; an invitation for an adventure. Continue reading »

  3. “That which gives Joy to the Heart”

    Many years ago, I was involved in a panel discussion on magic at the Oxford Thelemic Symposium. Someone asked each of the panelists to say why they did magic. My own answer was simple: “I enjoy it.” onwards…

  4. New Interview

    I’ve just been interviewed (via email) by Christopher Blackwell of the Alternate Religions Education Network. The interview is part of the Networks’ Imbolc newsletter (which also features interviews with other interesting folk) and can be found here.

  5. Tantra’s Metahistory II: The religion question

    Is Tantra a religion? Sometimes asking what would appear to be a relatively simple question can open a wholly unexpected can of worms. Continue reading »

  6. Jottings: Possession

    Some further musings on “possession” – nothing really thought through here – just some noodling around with ideas which I may come back to later. Continue reading »

  7. queering Baphomet

    “All the gods died of laughter to hear one among them proclaim himself unique!”
    Pierre Klossowski, The Baphomet Continue reading »

  8. Haiti’s Terrible Earthquake is the Wrath of God, Says Tele-Evangelist

    US tele-evangelist Pat Robertson has said, in a television interview over the last couple of days, “Something happened in Haiti a long time ago that people may not want to talk about… they got together a pact with the Devil. Continue reading »

  9. Must we love the Golden Bough?

    What is it about Pagans and The Golden Bough? It seems like every time I open a book written by a Pagan or Magician, there it is, casting an inescapable shadow over the text, like the monolith in 2001. Continue reading »

  10. Pandora’s Pagan Paradise? Spoiler Alert – Avatar Review

    Released in the same week as the Copenhagen climate summit (not an accident given its very deliberate environmental message), Cameron’s Avatar is alight with beautiful paradox Continue reading »