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Online resources and links of interest

As a follow-up to last year’s post examining some online libraries, I thought I’d make a quick tour of some online journals relating to tantric studies.

First up is the Oxford Journal of Hindu Studies – available to academics via institutional login, and to individual subscribers at £24 for three issues. A few free articles from the Journal can be accessed here.

The International Journal of Tantric Studies has been publishing online since 1995. Featuring the work of well-known scholars such as John R. Dupuche, Monika Hortsmann, Debrata Sensharma and Hugh B. Urban, web access for 12 issues for individual subscribers is €50. The ITS is currently in the process of making its archives available for the Kindle. Here’s a sample article from ITS – Sexual Imagery on the “Phantasmagorical Castles” at Khajuraho by Michael Rabe.

The Southeast Review of Asian Studies is an annually-produced open access journal with an extensive archive of back issues (articles in pdf format) available for viewing/downloading. The current issue includes contributions from Kerry Martin Skora, Sthaneshwar Timalsina, David Gordon White and Hugh B. Urban.

The Smithsonian museums of Asian Art recently hosted a highly-acclaimed exhibition entitled Yoga: The Art of Transformation. The catalogue is out of print, but several chapters can be downloaded.

Finally, a couple of videos


Here’s Madhu Khanna lecturing on the iconography, history and contemporary relevance of Kali at the California Institute of Integral Studies.


And an American-made documentary about Aghori Sadhus.