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Nyasa Bodies

One way to understand Nyasa is that it is a methodology of intentional skinplay – interidentifying bodies with the mantras/deites; a gnostic touching. Nyasa makes bodies multipli-cities; porous to a flooding of capacities (shaktis).
It makes an impression, a mark on the surface, a location or point. In touching, we are aware – simultaneously, of the feeling of what is being touched and the act of touching – the doubled sensation of skin in contact with skin; an invitation to intensification; perhaps the most obvious and immediate means of overcoming the Cartesian divide. Touching registers boundaries and invites the possibility of reaching past them. Nyasa is homage to the body and its capacities. A reminder that one has a body, perhaps; that we are located within touch; that we touch and are touched from moment to moment.

Tantra Wiki entry: Nyasa

to touch is to comport oneself not in opposition to the given but in proximity with it.
Edith Wyschogrod, Doing before Hearing